Champix (Varenicline)

Generic Name: -Varenicline

Brand Names:-Champix

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Champix is an oral medicine that helps people who are addicted to smoking, to quit smoking without the discontinuation leading to withdrawal symptoms. It also helps to reduce the satisfying factor of smoking nicotine and hence people can easily quit the habit. One can buy Champix online to use it as an alternative treatment plan when nicotine replacement therapies were proven to be ineffective. Although the exact mechanism of work of Varenicline is still not understood, it is believed to work by sticking to the same receptors that nicotine attaches to thereby reducing the cravings.

Proper way of taking Champix

  • Champix must be consumed orally along with water.
  • Take champix in the exact amounts as specified by the doctor.
  • Do not suddenly increase or decrease the dose of Champix without consulting a doctor.
  • Initial dose of 0.5 mg can be taken once a day for 1 week and the dosing frequency can be increased to twice a day after 5 days. The maintenance dose can either be 0.5 mg twice a day or 1 mg twice a day.

Follow these precautions while taking Champix

These precautions have to be looked at before buying and using Champix;

  • Do not share your prescription of Champix with anyone even though they exhibit the same symptoms as you.
  • The treatment must be started 1 to 2 weeks prior to the anticipated quit date. The aim is to slowly quit smoking in the course of a week or so.
  • Never double dose on Champix if you forget to take a dose.
  • Do not take Champix if you are currently on other nicotine replacement therapies such as gum, nicotine inhaler and patches.

Know the side effects before consuming Champix

The following side effects are commonly seen in people taking Champix

  • Mental changes – Hallucinations, Mood problems, Sudden changes in behaviour, suicidal thoughts
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Seizure
  • Sudden pain in the chest
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Signs of allergic reactions like shortness of breath and hives on the skin
  • Any indications of heart stroke

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