Codeine vs. Tramadol

Codeine vs TramadolAre you a patient writhing under severe pain very frequently? Are you confused about the medication to take for the treatment? Do you have any inkling on the exact approach you had to follow to get rid of the problem? Pain-killers are one of the popular and universally agreed and proven medications that are used for getting over pain problems.Tramadol and Codeine are regarded as some of the perfect painkillers in most of the conditions where the patient is afflicted with an extreme form of pain. Even among the pain relief pills apart from Codeine and Tramadol, there are plenty to opt for the degree of pain endured. The drug chosen should be exactly what is needed to address the problem and alleviate the pain. For a minimal amount of pain there is no reason for the patient to take extra dosage or medication whose healing capacity is redundant. We also need to consider about taking medication that are just enough to cure the pain.

Tramadol and Codeine find use in an enormous number of cases and have also been hailed as the drugs which offer relief in the shortest duration. But both the medications widely differ from each other on many aspects and have a way of functioning of their own. A minor study on both the drugs would give us enough information about their performance and how they achieve their objective of relieving pain.


Tramadol falls under the listing of drugs often mentioned as opiate agonists. The medication has an exclusive way of functioning where the mechanism of how the body senses the pain is modified.Going by the tremendous relief offered by the medication many patients tend to believe that the drug is an NSAID, in short for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are nothing but a contradictory opinion. Also, patients who are having intense pain can buy tramadol online with valid doctor prescription.


Codeine is a formulation which is basically opioid and functions as a painkiller. There have been few circumstances where opioid is mentioned as a narcotic. It is one of the main causes around the globe it is totally unlawful to possess drugs that have this substance as one of the main ingredients.Most of the medications have the possibility of encountering the same problem because of the presence of this substance. Codeine is vastly employed in the treatment of pain levels which range from moderate to debilitating that has the potential to restrain the person from any engaging any kind of work warranting minimum physical movements. The drug has the efficiency of it being used for other realizing other objectives too.

Which medication is the better one?

Analyzing which among the medications is better is not quite easy and it involves exhaustive research to understand the various facets or properties of the drugs.As the critical factor that determines itis not just the enormity of the pain, you are suffering from but also hinges on the type and the number of painkillers that you would have utilized in the previous days. The information of usage of painkillers in the past is very important to understand if it had developed any tolerance within the body due to prolonged intake for treating pain. If it is a case of development of tolerance, medications of the same class and caliber have to be taken. This is highly necessary for you to have the desired impact and gain relief from pain.

The mechanism of functioning of the drug is equally important to be understood in detail as it enables to have an overall comprehension of the drug. Of the two medications, one is really capable of totally alleviating the pain whereas the other works in reducing the degree of the pain and the former is Codeine pills. The two medications are rated high for their performance and are a tad expensive for treatment.

Which of the two drugs has minimum side effects?

As painkillers, Tramadol and Codeine have the capacity to inflict side effects and the probability of them causing it is also moderate especially when they are in conflict from the manner prescribed by the doctor during consultation. It is essentially because of the same reason it is of paramount importance to utilize the drug in the right course to diminish the side-effects caused by the intake. The ideal way to get the best results is by adhering to the subsequent steps:

  • Ensure absolutely not to mix this medication with any other drugs at the time of intake.
  • Refrain from utilizing this medication for recreational purposes as it has every chance of making the person getting addicted to the drug.
  • Comply with the appropriate measure in taking the drug as prescribed by the medico you had consulted, which simply means do not overindulge or take insufficient quantity.
  • The medications have to be stored in a secure place as required to avail the maximum effect out of them on usage.
  • Abstain from extending the medication usage more than the stipulated time to save yourself from developing tolerance towards the drug.
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