Diclofenac Gel

Generic Name: diclofinac Gel

Brand Names: Voltaren, Cataflam and Zipsor

Forms and Strengths: dosage-30 mg


Where to buy diclofinac Gel online?



Diclofenac Gel is used for treating pain and inflammation of any extreme associated with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Individuals with inflamed hands and feet as a result of injury can buy Diclofenac Gel and contain the inflammation rapidly.Diclofenac Gel works in the body by resisting the formation of substances responsible causing pain sensations and inflammation .

Proper way of using Diclofenac Gel

  • Diclofenac Gel should only be applied in the affected areas of the skin. In order to enable the skin to absorb the gel fully, wait for 10 minutes wearing cloth in the affected area
  • Never bandage or wrap the affected area
  • Do not take a shower and abstain from washing the treated portion of the skin for at least one hour upon using Diclofenac Gel.
  • Upon missing a dose of Diclofenac Gel, ignore the missed dose and stick on to the schedule dosing schedule.

Follow these precautions while using Diclofenac Gel

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Diclofenac Gel.
  • Individuals taking prescription and non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements and other herbal product should not use Diclofenac Gel.
  • Individuals with swelling, excessive fluid build-up in the body, mouth inflammation, high blood pressure and asthma are restricted from using Diclofenac Gel.

Know the side effects before using Diclofenac Gel

Diclofenac Gel causes some common side effects in the body. They are

  • Allergic reactions in the facial region of the body
  • Drastic change observed in the urine secretion process
  • Depression
  • Mild to severe irritation at the site where the gel is applied
  • Eyes and skin turning yellow in colour

There are many other side effects that are bound to occur in the body. Hence, be aware of the list of side effects before opting to buy your Diclofenac Gel online.

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