Generic Names: Clotrimazole (kloe-TRIM-a-zole)

Brand Names: Gyne-Lotrimin, Mycelex-7

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Gyne-Lotrimin is an anti-fungal medicine used for treating yeast infections, external itching and irritation in the vaginal area caused by yeast infections. This is an azole anti-fungal agent and it works to weaken the cell membrane of the fungus, thus resulting in the death of the fungus and gradually reducing vaginal discharge, alleviating irritation/ burning, infection in and around the vagina. Women can buy Gyne-Lotrimin online by getting the cream prescribed by a licensed doctor.

Proper way of applying Gyne-Lotrimin

You should fill the applicator with Gyne-Lotrimin cream and then insert one applicator full of the cream into the vagina. Repeat this process for about seven days during night time. Each time you use Gyne-Lotrimin cream, use a new applicator and dispose the applicator after being used. If you have itching over external vulvar region, then take a small amount of cream and apply on the outer layer of the vulva so as to prevent irritation or itching. But while doing so, make sure the vulvar itching is caused only by a yeast infection, otherwise Gyne-Lotrimin should not be used for vulvar itching.

Read these precautions before using Gyne-Lotrimin

  • Stop using the cream, if you do not notice any improvement within 3 days and visit a doctor as you might have got this condition but not with yeast infection
  • Do not use the cream if you are pregnant, without consulting your doctor
  • If you have excessive or foul-smelling vaginal discharge, abdominal pain or fever as you might have a condition that is more serious than yeast infection. Visit your doctor immediately to speak about it
  • It is an external application medication to be used only in the area of vagina and vulva and therefore do not get Gyne-Lotrimin to come in contact with eyes or mouth
  • Keep it out of reach of children

Know the side effects before using Gyne-Lotrimin

The most common side effects of using Gyne-Lotrimin are rashes, itching, burning, irritation in the vaginal area. Also you might get lower abdominal cramps, severe skin irritation for which you might need to consult the doctor quickly.

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