Propecia (Finasteride)

Generic Name: Finasteride

Brand Names: Propecia, Proscar

Forms and Strengths: Tablets – 5mg, 1mg


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Propecia is a hair loss medicine widely indicated for treating male pattern baldness in men. This generic variant is otherwise known as Finasteride. The active medical component is a white crystalline powder that is extensively soluble in chloroform with nil solubility in water. The hair loss pill is recommended only for oral administration. The inactive medicinal components of the pill are pregelatinized starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, sodium starch glycolate, microcrystalline cellulose, titanium dioxide and ferric oxide.The medication is classified under Type II and III 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor. Propecia was introduced into the market in the year 1997, and was manufactured by Merck & Co, a leading pharmaceutical company.

Though Propecia is primarily prescribed for treating hair loss, it is also referred for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The medication is considered to be highly efficient in treating various BPH symptoms like difficulty in urinating, waking up frequently at night for urination, reduced urinary flow and irritating feelings at the start of urination. At rare instances, people buy generic Propecia online for hormone replacement therapy. The medication is strictly prohibited for use in women and children.

How effective is Propecia in treating hair loss?

Propecia is highly effective in treating hair loss to an extent that it causes 30% improvement in hair loss post six months of continuous treatment. The hair loss pill does trigger hair regrowth, but in some cases it is considered to be slow. Depending upon the body condition the effectiveness varies. In some individuals, positive result can be experienced only after two years. The effects supposedly get reversed after five years of the completion of the treatment and post which one might be in a position to recommence the course of therapy.

During the first year of treatment, men can experience marginal increase in the hair growth concentrated to certain regions of the hair line. In the next subsequent year, hair growth is quite thicker and longer spreading across the entire hair line thus ensuring complete hair regrowth. The effectiveness of the medication is not that strong in men falling under the age group offorty-one to sixty. According to a research report, only forty percent of the men above the age group of forty experienced complete hair regrowth after a period of two years. Propecia is highly successful for treating hair loss in men falling under the age group of 40.

Why Propecia is preferred over other hair loss pills?

Propecia is preferred over other hair loss pills because of its potential. Unlike other hair loss medications, the pill doesn’t cause very serious adverse effects in the body. Course of therapy with this medication doesn’t solicit increased dosing frequencies, rather decreased dosing frequency is more than suffice for experiencing positive effects out of the medication. The major difference between propecia and other pills of the same category is that, Propecia causes compete hair fall during the initial stages of the treatment thus paving way for new hair growth, whereas this is not the case with other hair loss pills. Perhaps, this is the one such reason for the popularity of Propecia pills.

Propecia does not contain harmful medicinal ingredients. Indeed, this is one of the reason for its low onset of effects when compared to other hair loss pills. The medication can even be taken for years together and it doesn’t cause adverse effects in extreme severity. This is the other probable reason why propecia is preferred over other hair loss pills. It is the price factor that makes men to buy their propecia instead of opting for other hair loss pills.

Propecia dosage information

The standard dose of taking propecia is 1mg. Propecia is not available in any other dosage strengths. According to hair loss experts, dose consistency is extremely critical in order to experience positive effects from the medication. If there is no improvement observed in hair loss in three months, dosing frequency can be increased to a certain extent. Hair regrowth happens only when the medication is used consistently for a brief period of time. Unwarranted increase in dosing frequency is strictly prohibited. Propecia should be taken only once in a day as suggested by the hair loss expert.

Will missing a dose of Propecia affect the hair loss treatment?

Missing a dose of Propecia on a consistent basis will definitely affect the prospects of hair loss treatment. Take the missed dose of propecia at the earliest possible time of remembrance. To the maximum possible extent, ensure that the missed dose is compensated with an alternative dose, so that consistency in dose is maintained at all circumstance. Never compensate for the missed dose along with a scheduled dose as it amounts to overdose of the same.

Should I be concerned if I overdosed on Propecia?

Overdosing is definitely a matter of concern and appropriate remedial measures should be taken at the earliest. To avoid overdose, don’t take Propecia in frequent intervals. Overdosing of the pill causes many side effects in the body, some which are of mild intensity whilst others are of extreme severity. If the overdose symptoms doesn’t alleviate gradually, then it is an indication of something serious and emergency medical treatment has to be accorded.

How to store Propecia?

Propecia should mandatorily be stored at a room temperature. The hair loss pill should not be exposed to light, heat and moisture. Passage of air flow to the bottle containing the pills should be strictly restricted. Hence, close the bottle lid tightly after you take the required Propecia. Do not store the hair loss pill with other medications. Handle the pill with dry hands, since using wet hands can bring down the efficiency of the pill.

Other drugs to be avoided while taking Propecia

According to hair loss experts, potential drug interaction might occur with certain medicines belonging to the prescription category, herbal products, and vitamin supplements. It is roughly estimated that taking Propecia make cause interaction with about 25 drugs, amongst which there are both minor and major drug interactions.

It is better advised to avoid pain killers, allergic medicines, medicines recommended for treating major medical complications, antidepressant, and certain other drugs. According to doctors, all the above mentioned drugs can be taken once or twice, but excessive consumption results in unwanted drug interactions which might negatively impact the health condition.

What are the side effects of taking Propecia?

Most common side effects

The most common side effects that are supposed to be experienced by those undertaking a course of therapy with Propecia are,

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of sex interest
  • Inability to achieve erection

However, the above-mentioned common side effects are experienced only in smaller proportion of men. Instead of opting for immediate medical treatment, one can adopt a wait-and-watch approach, since the intensity of these adverse effects reduces gradually with the passage of time.

Rare Side effects

Side effects are common when you take Propecia. However, most of the side effects are less serious in nature and impact rarely. The rare side effects are

  • Swelling in various parts of the body, especially hands and feet
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • Impotency
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Tenderness of breasts
  • Runny nose
  • Rashes in skin
  • Headache

Sexual side effects of the medication diminish once the course of therapy with propecia is discontinued. However, if those kind of adverse effects persist in the body beyond a certain period of time, it is wise to consult the doctor and seek remedial guidance. Decreased libido is the rarest and one of the commonadverse effect experienced by major proportion of men taking Propecia pills. One of the possibilities of this side effect could be overdosing of the pill i.e. taking Propecia in frequent intervals. The best recommendation is to administer the hair loss pill in the prescribed dosage strength as referred by the doctor.

Natural treatments to combine with Propecia medication

Propecia can be taken along with certain natural hair loss treatments to increase it effectiveness.

  • Scalp Massage:Improper circulation of blood in the hair follicles is considered to be the prime reason for hair loss in men. Hence opting for regular scalp massage enhances the blood flow to the hair follicles which in turn supplies oxygen to the hair follicles. The benefit attained through scalp massage is more or less identical to that of the positive effect attained through propecia pills. Hence both the treatments can happen simultaneously. Taking propecia pills alongside undergoing scalp massage treatment can offer better results.
  • Egg Wash:Propecia can be taken alongside egg wash hair loss treatment. Since eggs are rich in protein, washing the hair with the same can thicken and make the hair stronger. This treatment procedure can be accompanied by taking propecia pills on a regular basis. This results in increased hair regrowth followed by drastic decrease in hair loss.
  • Intake of Antioxidants:Antioxidants like vegetables and fruits can be applied on the hair, since it keep the free radicals at bay. Extract of bananas, and juice extract of lemon, and orange can be well applied on the surface of the hair in order to trigger hair growth. However, this hair growth potential is furtherenhanced when it is taken along with Propecia pills. Course of therapy with Propecia can be complimented by intake of protein rich antioxidants.

Benefits of buying generic Propecia from an online pharmacy

There are various benefits of buying prescribed Propecia from an online pharmacy. Some of their benefits are as given below.

  • The primary benefit is that of the price factor. Online pharmacies that are into the business of selling Propecia hair loss pills alone offer the medication at a cheap price that is inclusive of offers and discounts. At many circumstance, price remains the same.
  • The other benefit is that of the speed delivery. Almost all online pharmacies ensure delivery of the medication at the shortest turnaround time. There are certain online pharmacies that guarantee delivery overnight too. It is better to opt to initiate purchase from those online drug stores.
  • One of the unique advantage of preferring an online pharmacy is the quality of medication that it offers. The prospect of buying generic Propecia in authentic quality is brighter in online pharmacies than at any other offline pharmacies.
  • Patients can clarify any doubts regarding the usage of Propecia with the online customer support executives available round-the-clock when you opt to buy your Propecia pills online. Whereas, with offline pharmacies customers are deprived of this advantage.
  • By opting for an online pharmacy, one can avail Propecia after gaining an understanding on the most essential information about the medication and how it works in the body. A leaflet is provided whilst purchasing the drug online that comprises of information about the usage guide and other vital details.
  • Returning customers can benefit a lot from online pharmacies as they have the maximum chance to avail offers and discounts. Hence, choose a reliable online pharmacy selling the pills and ensure the purchase of good quality Propecia from that online drug portal alone.

Steps to follow to order cheap generic propecia online safely

There are quite a few precautionary steps to be followed to order your Propecia online safely.

  • As a first step, get to know some first hand information about the online pharmacy by directly interacting with the online customer support representatives. Prod them with questions like shipping policy, refund policy and privacy policy. This exercise is to find out how authentic the online pharmacy is in all its transactions. Also find out how uniqueness of the Propecia online pharmacy.
  • The second most crucial step before ordering generic Propecia is to identify the quality of the pill. Patients can ascertain the genuineness of the pill only if he/she is well aware of the medicinal composition of the pill. Check out the standard of the medicinal ingredients and the manufacturer’s name.
  • Verify if the site is secure. Do spend some time in glancing through the privacy policy and find out how the online pharmacy utilizes all the personally identifiable information sourced from customers.
  • Find out the expiry and manufacture date of the medication by chatting with the representatives before ordering the pill.Better to opt to go for Propecia pills that are manufactured in the recent past.
  • It is better to avoid buying the required Propecia from a substandard pharmaceutical company.

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