Provigil (Modafinil)

Generic Name: Modafinil

Brand Name: Provigil

Forms and Strengths: Tablets – 100mg, 200mg


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Provigil, which is the trade name for the drug Modafinil, is a wakefulness promoting medication that is prescribed to treat a number of ailments. The prescription only drug is a stimulant that is classified as Schedule IV in the US due to its potential for abuse. Although use of Modafinil for medical purposes was initially approved in 1998, the working mechanism of the drug was not too clear but medical researchers have since found its properties to be beneficial for many health conditions. Provigil was approved as a prescription medication for certain sleep disorders but the also recommended to use Provigil in off label use for treating other illnesses.

Provigil’s wakefulness-promoting agent was first used as a treatment for sleep disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, and shift work sleep disorder. Of late, Provigil has been found to be highly effective in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As off-label use, Modafinil may be prescribed to treat problems like neurological fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients, to overcome fatigue, depression, opioid-induced sleepiness, and even managing Parkinson’s disease. The drug’s effectiveness in keeping the mind alert and eliminate any type of drowsiness makes it useful in managing such conditions. Buying quality Provigil online can also enable individuals to stay alert in high-risk jobs like pilots, armed forces, and astronauts. Provigil can also be used to enhance cognitive abilities due to increased focus and attention, for which it is being studied for use in managing certain mental health problems.

How effective is Provigil in treating ADHD?

Patients diagnosed with ADHD require managing the condition with both medication and other techniques. The stimulant nature of Provigil is useful in the treatment of ADHD symptoms. The drug can help balance the chemicals in the brain and improve attention, reduce hyperactive behavioral patterns, and enhance motor control. Although the drug’s stimulant properties have mild abuse potential, this is very less compared to other drugs of the same class. Thus, Provigil can be used safely in the long-term treatment of ADHD. Individuals advised to take Provigil have been able to lead a better quality of life compared to drug therapy with other stimulants. If Provigil is taken early in the day, can help the individual to have improved focus and attention though the day. Given the high efficacy rate, the drug is being prescribed more often as an off-label use in the management of ADHD, especially in adults. In such cases, it is highly effective when Provigil is taken exactly as recommended by following the prescription instructions.

How the generic version of Provigil is different from its brand version?

Provigil brand and the generic are the same in terms of bioequivalence as they contain the same active ingredient Modafinil. Both variants have the same efficacy, quality, dose and strength. There are very few differences between the brand and generic Provigil. When comparing the two chemical formulations, the difference is seen mainly in the inactive ingredients. The slight variation in the chemical composition will not bring down the efficacy of either the brand or the generic. Individuals who may be allergic to any of the additives listed on the product label can choose the one which will not cause any harmful reactions. Some individuals may feel that they experience better results with the Provigil brand as compared to the generic and vice versa. Apart from this, the major difference regarding the Provigil brand and generic is the pricing. Since the brand is the first available product in the market following FDA approval, they are more expensive than the generic variants. However, individuals can buy both the brand and generic at an affordable rate from a reliable online pharmacy that offers good discounts. Also, the preferred Provigil brand or generic may not be available in one’s place of residence, but the patient can still enjoy the drugs’ benefits by opting for the available Modafinil pills as the efficacy is the same for both the brand and generic.

Provigil generic dosage information

What are the available dosages of Provigil?

The available dosage strengths of Provigil are 100 mg and 200 mg. The ADHD patient may be commenced for drug therapy with the minimum dose which may later be modified based on the patient’s response to the treatment. The dose may be increased by up to 400 mg a day as required according to the severity of the condition. The prescribed dose is ideally taken early in the day to enable the drug to work effectively through the day. One must avoid taking Provigil just before going to bed as the drug can interfere with falling asleep. The compressed pills are orally administered by swallowing them whole without breaking or chewing the medication. The drug may be taken with food or without.

What to do if one missed a dose of Provigil?

Take Provigil within a particular time as otherwise its wakefulness-promoting property can inhibit sleep patterns. In case a dose is missed, skip this dose completely if it is close to bedtime or if there are not enough hours for staying awake. Avoid doubling the dose to make up for the missed dose. For more detailed information on what to do if a dose is missed consult with the prescribing healthcare provider on the same as dosing information may vary from individual to individual.

What to do if one overdoses on Provigil?

If there is any suspicion of a Provigil overdose, the individual should receive emergency medical attention without any delay. Some of the symptoms associated with an overdose of Modafinil are restlessness, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, nausea, agitation, confusion, anxiety, hallucination, too much excitement, stomach problems, disorientation, and cardiovascular troubles like chest pain, changes in the heart beat, and elevated blood pressure levels. The therapy usually recommended for Provigil overdose is to treat the symptoms with supportive care. The patient should be constantly monitored for changes in these symptoms, particularly those associated with heart problems. Overdose symptoms may occur if you take Provigil in excess or along with similar medication that have stimulant effects.

How to store Provigil safely?

Provigil should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep the pills in a cabinet that can be locked, and is inaccessible to children and pets. It is not recommended to store the Modafinil tablets in the bathroom as moisture can easily affect the drugs. If there are any excess pills even after the patient stopped using Provigil or if they are past the expiry date, contact the pharmacist for the proper way of disposing the medication. Do not flush these pills or drain them down the sink.

Precautions to take before using Provigil

Who shouldn’t take Provigil?

Provigil should not be taken by those persons who are allergic to the active ingredient Modafinil as it can result in sever skin reactions like rashes and hives. Before getting prescribed to take Provigil for ADHD, the individual should disclose to the doctor if he or she has conditions like chest pain, liver troubles, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, a history of mental health problems, issues like prior incidence of alcoholism or drug abuse, heart disease, and kidney problems. The drug can make certain oral contraceptives and hormonal to become less effective. Other effective contraceptive methods may be required to avoid becoming pregnant while on this treatment, and options for the same should be discussed with the prescribing healthcare professional. The drug is not indicated for use in children under the age of seventeen. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should check with the doctor on the drug’s safety of use.

Food and alcohol interactions with Provigil

The interaction of Provigil with food is considered to be minimal. One should avoid consuming grapefruit or related products as it can interact with the drug to produce harmful effects. It is also advised to avoid drinking alcohol while you take Provigil. The effects of alcohol can counteract with Provigil’s efficacy and inhibit the smooth functioning of the individual or lead to other side effects. For use of certain food or alcoholic products one should consult with the doctor on the safety of taking Provigil along with other substances.

Other drugs to be avoided while taking Provigil

Provigil should be taken only after disclosing to the prescribing doctor any other drugs being consumed like other prescription pills, over-the-counter drugs, vitamin supplements, and herbal supplements. Provigil is known to interact dangerously with opioid medications like fentanyl, oxycodone and hydrocodone, which should not be combined with this ADHD medication as it can lead to the increased risk of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Care should be taken if the patient is also taking medication for blood pressure, as Modafinil has the potential to increase the blood pressure levels. To make sure taking Provigil in combination with other drugs is safe for use, consult with the healthcare provider for the appropriate information.

What are the side effects of taking Provigil?

Most common side effects

Taking Provigil can cause a few side effects that may require treatment based on whether the symptoms are persistent or severe. In some patients, the symptoms last only until the body gets adjusted to presence of the drug in the system during the initial dosing period. One should stop using Provigil and suitable treatment must be received if there is a severe skin reaction like rashes, swelling, or hives. Common symptoms that show that the ADHD patient may be experiencing side effects from taking Provigil are:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nasal congestion
  • Upset stomach

Rare Side effects

Rare side effects of using Provigil that require immediate medical attention are detailed below. These symptoms should not be left untreated as they can be harmful without being life-threatening. They are:

  • Chest pain
  • Unusual bleeding or bruising
  • Depression
  • Black stool
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Trouble with memory
  • Trouble breathing
  • Urination problems
  • Unusual behavior patterns characterized by rapidly changing moods
  • Trembling
  • Uncontrolled movement of the tongue, mouth or face
  • Fainting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Unusual weakness
  • Trouble with vision
  • Chills
  • Unsteadiness
  • Sore throat
  • Blisters

Why buying your Provigil online is more convenient than getting it from a medical store?

There are many advantages to buying prescribed Provigil from an online pharmacy compared to getting the medication from brick-and-mortar drug stores. The patients who get prescribed to take Provigil are usually those diagnosed with ADHD, some kind sleep disorder, certain mental health problems, and other physiological problems. For these persons, shopping for prescription medication online is far more convenient than taking the effort to visit the local pharmacist. The prescription can be uploaded easily from any location with any device and an internet connection, the order processed after providing the payment information, and the medication received to the desired address in a timely manner. This method is even simpler when buying a refill of Provigil as the information is already available in the online drug store database that was first used for the purchase. When patients are specific about buying any particular brand or generic variant of Provigil, the same can be availed from a reliable online pharmacy. The patient does not have to worry about getting the medication in the desired brand or generic, which may not always be available at brick-and-mortar drug stores. One can also get the correct dose in the authentic formulation from a genuine internet pharmacy.

Guidelines to follow to order cheap Provigil online safely

Modafinil may be prohibitively expensive depending on one’s country of residence. In order to make healthcare more affordable to a wider population worldwide, many online pharmacies are available to enable people to access these important medications. Provigil is one such drug that can be purchased in a cost-effective manner from an online drug store, even if the drug is not available one’s country of residence. Although the drug may be available at throw-away prices on virtual drug stores, it is important to ensure the received pills are safe for use. One can use the guidelines given below to make sure that only the authentic Provigil tablets are received.

  • Check if the portal offers the complete product information
  • Communicate with the customer service representative
  • See if the online pharmacy offers the services of a certified healthcare professional who can be contacted to address any product, dosage or health related concerns
  • Check if the online drug store is well-established and is reliable
  • Compare the prices with other online pharmacies, as extremely low prices may be a sign that the product may not be authentic
  • Check if the portal requires a Provigil prescription in order to buy the medication

By using these simple tips, the individual will be able to assess the safety of the pills when opting to buy good quality Provigil from an online pharmacy.

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