Xenical (Orlistat)

Generic Name: Orlistat

Brand Names: Xenical, Alli

Forms and Strengths: Capsules – 120mg


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Xenical is a drug that is used to reduce weight in people who are obese or considered to be overweight. The pill is given as a combination with a low fat diet and a healthy exercise regimen. The medicine is prescribed to be taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider with a reduced calorie diet that comprises of food items with low fat, low carbs and very low calories. This medicine should be taken only by adults. Xenical is the brand variant of orlistat which is the saturated derivative of lipstatin. Due to its steadiness, the pill was preferred over lipstatin as an anti-obesity drug. Orlistat was approved by FDA in the year 1999. Though there are controversies in the drug being approved as an over-the-counter drug there are possibilities for a person to buy Xenical without a prescription in the United States. Xenical can also be bought online over-the-counter under many other brand names from many online pharmacies in many other countries.

How Xenical works on the body?

The drug works by blocking the fat content in the body rather than reducing the appetite of the person. It allows nearly 30% of the fat from the consumed food to pass undigested through the stomach. It is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor that acts by slowing down the absorption of dietary fats for controlling obesity. Xenical functions by inhibiting the enzyme lipase that breaks down the fat stored in the intestine. It in turn removes the fat from the body and sends it out in the bowel movements in the form of oil thus prohibiting the fat from depositing around the waist or hips. On a comparative note, over the course of a year, many people taking Xenical are found to reduce about 3kgs when taken in addition with few lifestyle modifications including diet and exercise than people who are not taking this drug.

Xenical works where other weight loss methods haven’t worked for a person. The person can witness the working of the pill by noticing a difference in the bowel movement. When the food intake is proper there is no oil in the feces but when he takes food with high fat then oily stool will happen again. For Xenical to produce best results in the body of a person he should avoid taking high calorie food items and make the necessary changes that are told by the physician.

How effective is Xenical compared to other Weight loss pills?

Xenical is highly effective in shedding weight and alongside reducing weight is also found to minimize the occurrence of diabetes by nearly 40% in many obese people. About 50% of the people taking Xenical have seen a significant loss in weight when compared to the placebo. When taken in a long term the pill is competent to reduce blood pressure. Certain weight loss pills cannot be prescribed to people with other medical conditions like high level of cholesterol, elevated blood sugar levels but Xenical can be prescribed to people even with such complicated conditions. The main advantage of this drug is that it can reduce and maintain the weight and as well as reduce the chance of gaining weight.

Like other weight-loss pills rather than entering into the blood stream or reducing the appetite, the drug works effectively by removing the undigested fat from the body. While there are possibilities to regain the weight when the person is on treatment with other weight loss drugs the chances of regaining the lost weight is eliminated in Xenical when taken only as informed by the doctor. The time taken for the person to witness the effectiveness of the medicine is also less when compared to other medicines. But it depends on the person who is taking Xenical, as only if he follows the lifestyle changes suggested by physician he can maintain a healthy loss in weight.

Xenical dosage information

Ideal dosages of taking Xenical

Xenical generic is available as a capsule that can be taken thrice a day. The drug can be taken together with meal or an hour after taking meal. The food that the person intakes while he is on treatment with this drug, must contain some amount of fat mandatorily. There is no purpose in taking Xenical when a person takes food without fat as the drug act by removing the fat before it gets stored in the body. So it is advised to skip a dose of Xenical when the person takes food without fat in it. An individual is also advised to take a multivitamin supplement every day mostly at bed time as there are chances for the medicine to reduce the body’s nature to absorb vitamins.

What happens if one missed a dose of Xenical?

Xenical is prescribed to be taken more than twice a day. In that case there are more chances to miss a dose of Xenical. If by chance, a person forgets to take a dose of Xenical, he is supposed to take the missed dose as soon as he realizes, at least within an hour upon consuming the meal. He can skip the missed dose and continue with his regular dosing regimen if the time duration has already exceeded an hour. It is strictly advised not to double dose on Xenical to compensate the missed one.

What to do if one accidently overdosed on Xenical?

Overdosing on Xenical even by instance is not going to increase the efficacy of the pill in reducing weight instead it only increases the risk of harmful side effects. A person who is overdosed with Xenical may experience symptoms like drowsiness, confused thoughts, weight gain, mood swings, clay colored stool and itching. When an individual goes through any of these symptoms he is supposed to seek the help of a health care provider instantaneously. He will be put under the supervision of the physician for a whole day to check if there is any improvement or change in his medical condition.

How to store Xenical pills safely?

An individual should be very careful while storing Xenical pills as they are not supposed to be accessed by children and pets. Xenical should be stored in an airtight container so it is better to store it in the same container that contains the medicine. It is not advised to store Xenical in bathroom as it should be stored away from light, moisture and heat. Generally the pill has to be stored in a room temperature between 68 ᵒF and 77 ᵒF.

Precautions to take before using Xenical

Who shouldn’t take Xenical?

  • A person allergic to the ingredients of Xenical should not take this medicine
  • The medicine is advised to be taken only by people who are overweight and obese others who only wish to experience the effect are not supposed to take this medicine
  • Since the pill depends on low calorie intake of food any individual who finds it difficult to absorb food (malabsorption syndrome)are not advised to take this pill
  • An individual who has undergone organ transplant should not consume Xenical.
  • Any person who has liver, kidney or thyroid disease should consult a doctor before taking this medicine
  • Women who are found pregnant should not take this medicine as it causes hazardous effects on the unborn fetus.
  • Also any individual with eating disorder like bulimia and inflammation in the pancreas should talk to the doctor before commencing his treatment with Xenical.
  • Xenical is strictly not recommended for people below the age of 18

Other drugs to be avoided while taking Xenical

Below is a list of drugs that are to be avoided while a person is on treatment with Xenical. These drugs may interact with the activity of Xenical and may result in unwanted consequences so should be avoided when taking Xenical.

  • Anticoagulants or blood thinners like warfarin
  • Medications that are taken to restrain blood pressure
  • Anti-seizures
  • Medicines that are used for the treatment of thyroid disease
  • Glucotrol and other medicine that are used in the treatment of diabetes
  • Other weight loss medications

The drug is found to reduce the plasma content in the immunosuppressive drug ciclosporin. This drug ciclosporin is used in the prevention of transplant rejection. So these two drugs should not be administered simultaneously.

What are the side effects of taking Xenical?

Most common side effects

The most common adverse effects that happen while taking Xenical are steatorrhea that is characterized by oily and loose stools, pain in stomach, increase in the number of bowel movements or urgency to use the bathroom frequently, irregularities in the menstrual cycle in women, pain felt in the rectum and oily spotting felt in the clothing. Though these side effects decrease with time it is recommended to consult a physician if they prevail for a long span of time.

Rare Side effects

Some side effects occur only on a rare basis but should be treated by a physician immediately upon occurrence. Such side effects of using Xenical include:

  • Allergic reactions like itching or hives
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Swelling of the mouth or tongue
  • Bloody or darkness in urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Severe stomach pain or weakness

A person experiencing any of these side effects is supposed to stop taking the medicine and consult his physician without delay.

Diet plan to follow while taking Xenical

An individual taking Xenical generic is supposed to follow the diet plan suggested by the physician in order to experience the result in the prescribed duration. The diet plan comprises of breakfast that includes dried fruits combined with low calorie yoghurt, small quantity of cereal about 25g with low fat milk or grilled tomatoes that can be taken with poached eggs. For lunch a person can take either bread with a bowl of non-creamy soup or sandwich with a piece of fruit as a dessert. While taking dinner a person can add more vegetables with rice or salad with boiled eggs and bread. Popcorn which has very low calories can be taken as a snack. Also low calorie yoghurt or fresh fruit can be taken as a snack when you are taking Xenical.
Generally reduce the fat intake by avoiding chicken and pork fat, reduce oil while cooking and take low fat dairies. Also increase the fiber intake by choosing brown rice and adding more fruits, vegetables, pulses and beans in the diet. A person should primarily reduce the intake of sugar when following this diet plan. By following the diet plan and taking Xenical medications as prescribed by the physician one can witness a significant loss in weight.

Can Xenical be prescribed online?

Xenical can be prescribed online from many online drug stores. If a person is finding it difficult or not able to get Xenical prescribed from a doctor physically he can try getting the same from an online pharmacy. Rather than buying the prescribed Xenical from offline medical stores without a prescription getting it prescribed from online drug portals is a way better. This is done by the medical experts who are available in many mail order pharmacies. They verify the medical condition of the person, check if the person is actually obese or overweight and then prescribe Xenical online. Hence to get Xenical prescribed from an online pharmacy the person should first get these details verified. Only upon verification he can proceed with ordering Xenical pills. Once a person gets a prescription from an online pharmacy he can easily buy the medicines from the same pharmacy as it is easy to get the medicine online. Though it is also possible to buy the medicine from many brick and mortar stores, purchasing this medicine from a reputed online pharmacy is better and safe as one will be provided with clear guidelines about the dosing regimen of the medicine alongside a healthy diet plan.

Will there be a difference in quality when Xenical pills are purchased online?

There will be no difference in quality when Xenical is purchased from an authenticated online pharmacy. Most of the online pharmacies sell good quality meds at a price which is much cheaper than the actual cost of the medicine. The person buying his/her generic Xenical from an online drug portal need not worry about the quality as real and operating online pharmacies should clear the quality tests that are set by the FDA before selling the medications to its customer. One may question the quality of the drugs sold online since it is available in a cheaper price compared to offline drugstores. The reason behind the cheap price of the drug is as transactions are made online, there will be a huge reduction in the taxes so these tax reductions are in turn responsible for the cheap rates of Xenical generic in online drugstores.
But there are chances for the person to get low quality or fake medicines from online pharmacies that are not legitimate. These pharmacies provide counterfeit or even no drugs to customers after getting money from them. Buy your quality Xenical meds from an online pharmacy which is real and authentic. Since Xenical pills are supposed to be taken on a long term basis, the patient is advised to be cautious when you buy quality Xenical pills online in large quantity at once as fraudulent pharmacies can abuse your valuable money.

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